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Making Your Vision Work For You
Seven Steps to Lazer Focus

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Intentional "visioning" is one way we make our experience happen.  Many people respond to that with, "I haven't been able to make that work consistently." 

Actually everyone unconsciously makes it work consistently every second of every day.  No one is without vision or they would have no experience.  However, becoming conscious of your visioning and taking charge of it may be what life is all about right now.  

Create your vision

That title is a bit misleading. We all already have a vision, by default. Assuming that you'd like to create a different vision than the default one already vibrating out into your experience, here are some things to consider.

The time distance between where you are and where you want to be is incredibly small. You lengthen that time distance by your choice of language and your response feelings.

Here are some tips for cleaning up your vision and shortening the distance between "now" and "then."

  1. Write your vision of what you want for yourself.
  2. Use NO negatives such as no, not, never, none. Also avoid hiding negatives in contractions like can"t, won't, havn't, etc.
  3. Use only language that describes what you want, not what you want to avoid. For example, "I want to be free of debt" is an avoidance statement. Being free of debt is not a solid statement of desire. One can be free of debt and still be destitute. One can be free of debt for a day then deep in a worse hole of debt the next day.
  4. In your vision describe or see exactly what experience you want to replace the default experience (the one that you currently want to avoid).
  5. Focus on the outcomes. As much as you can, keep the "steps" to the outcome out of your vision - they create and lengthen the distance between now and fulfillment.  That happens because the Universe sets about to busily get the "steps" in place for you since your image or vision requires them. It may be difficult to leave those steps out of your vision if you are attached to your belief that they are required steps.
  6. Be aware that any distance-creating language is only about a belief you hold.
  7. State your vision in the present tense. "I have" rather than, "I will have..., or I want to have..., or I plan to have..." There are many extra words that create distance and winding roads between now and fulfillment. For example, are you sure you want to "learn to..." or would you be open to a faster easier way to reach your desired outcome? How about these distancing words: try, heal, discover, find, become, solve, overcome?
  8. Make every sentence paint a clear picture of fulfillment. We have developed a habit of thinking in terms of negatives, avoidance and fear. When you do so, you are sending that same experience into your future. If you want to avoid an experience, then in your future you'll get more of the same, "wanting to avoid that experience".
  9. Imagine what your life will look like when you will feel fulfilled. Make that your vision.  Feel how you will feel when your vision is fulfilled. This is the fuel that speeds your vision into your direct experience. If you "see" a vision that you want, but "feel" like it's impossible or feel some other distancing feeling, that silent distancing becomes bonded with your vision as part of it. It produces the experience of obstacles and feeling powerless to get what you want.

Multiply the power applied to your vision.

You capture the incredible power of multiple minds applied to your vision by sharing that vision with others and asking them to "see" you in that vision whenever they think of you.  This is incredibly powerful because it forces you to get your vision crystal clear and laser sharp.  It is also incredibly ineffective if your vision is hazy or generalized. 

Capturing the power of group focus is tapping into a huge reservoir of untapped potential available to every group including

  • family
  • business
  • community
  • interest groups

To harness this power in your group is to engage warp speed into your processes, and to enter a level of relationship that most of us barely grasp in our everyday experiences. 

In a short article it is impossible to give information about all the ways we can (and do) sabotage our future. The above 7 suggestions will get you on the right track toward the future of your dreams.

If your experience doesn't match what you want, then the reasons are in your default visioning - recognizable in your everyday language and feeling responses. Once your vision is complete, I invite you to share it with someone who will join you in seeing you in that vision.

Wishing you visions of Heaven-On-Earth Quality

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