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The Power of Multiple Minds

The Power of Multiple Minds
Adding Fuel to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
17 Nov 2005

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The Power of Multiple Minds

Adding Fuel to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams


Capturing the power of multiple minds is far more than just getting more heads involved in coming up with a solution.  It's about getting everyone's mind power working together toward the same goals - preferably goals that benefit the entire group.  


But when you do that, an interesting thing happens.  Buckminster Fuller, one of humanity's most prolific geniuses talked about this phenomenon.  


Think of bees.  They all have the same purpose  - to collect nectar, build hives to live in and and raise baby bees.  Those bees could care less about pollination.  They just want to collect as much nectar as they can and process it.  However, the secondary effect - pollination - is far bigger and more beneficial to the entire surrounding community-at-large than what the bees cared about, honey, beeswax, and baby bees.   


When any group of people focus their minds on the same outcome, a similar effect happens.  An unpredictable, but exponential secondary effect, occurs in the world. 


The capitalistic culture in the United States is an example of the same effect.  The majority of U.S. citizens want to make money.  If we're honest, most of us are all about wanting to make as much money as we can. 


The secondary effect of that  has been that the standard of living of the country, as a whole, has increased dramatically over the last century. Over the last 50 years that effect has rippled out into the world as the citizens in country after country have focused their minds on "making money." 


They, too, have raised the collective standard of living in their part of the world.  Like U.S. citizens, they all just want to make money. 


Nobody set out to improve the standard of living for everyone on the planet.  It just happened!


A similar effect occurs in companies, families and organizations of any kind. When the majority of the group's members have their minds focused on the same outcome.  The results are astounding at three levels 

  • for the individuals
  • for the whole group
  • and for the community at large.

The result is a whole new understanding of win/win.  The 21st century version is win/win/win.  The individual wins, the group wins, and each member of the community-at-large wins. 


The third level win, the secondary unplanned effect, is the biggest win of all - the one that changes the world. 


So many people are searching for their Purpose in the world so that they can have a beneficial impact on others.  It is highly likely that they are already having a very beneficial impact on others just by doing what they already do every day.


Wishing You the Best Outcome You Can Imagine!

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