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Who's In Charge?

Define what you want, or 
let the Universe decide for you?

Posted on Jul. 5, 2006

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That's a good question.  It represents a fundamental conflict many of us experience in our beliefs.  We believe that goals are good and we like to visualize desired outcomes.  However, we also like to think that the Universe or Higher Power has our best interests in mind and knows better than we do what is best for us.  Which is best - self determination or guidance from a higher wisdom?  Most people from all beliefs and religions have conflict in this area.  I'm not going to suggest an answer but I am going to suggest an action. 

Confront your conflict.  Don't brush it off or determine which answer is right or wrong.  Begin saying, "I know the relationship between self determinism and higher wisdom and I incorporate that understanding into my every day life."  If you say that a few times you will begin to end the conflict between self determinism and higher wisdom.

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